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To everyone that has participated in the organizing and planning of A WALK TO REMEMBER, we can now look back and reflect at the glorious outpour of spirit and humanity during the hours that went into Sunday 11/3.   What we did over the past 5 months of planning.

The outpour of community response from local law enforcement, EMS, schools, town officials, DPW, clergy, food establishments, the treatment resources, 12 step programs, and the recovery community, coming together to show our support, and care to families that have lost their loved ones to addiction deaths.  We are beginning to create the change needed to change the way we perceive addictions.  We are becoming better informed about active addiction, and recovery, here in our communities, was evident that Bergen County is willing to take action. 

The WALK was a cohesive action, and we will continue to provide opportunities to come together in this capacity, and shine light on this stigmatized disease process. 


Alumni In Recovery provides a safe and reliable group of young people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction to speak in schools they are familiar with and often times schools from which they have graduated.

By sharing from a personal level, Alumni In Recovery’s goal is to help teens and preteens identify with the speakers feelings and emotions when they were at that same age in hopes that the students opt for more positive choices along their own paths.

Interested in joining us?  Email: Info@Alumniinrecovery.org  or call 201-741-6409