Welcome to Alumni In Recovery

Welcome to Alumni In Recovery

Welcome to Alumni In RecoveryWelcome to Alumni In Recovery

Young- Local- Recovery- Awareness

Good choices for our youth


Alumni In Recovery provides a safe and reliable group of young people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction to speak in schools they are familiar with and often times schools from which they have graduated.

By sharing from a personal level, Alumni In Recovery’s goal is to help teens and preteens identify with the speakers feelings and emotions when they were at that same age in hopes that the students opt for more positive choices along their own paths.

Interested in joining us?  Email: Info@Alumniinrecovery.org  or call 201-741-6409




The Black Poster Project is a labor of love created by Dee Gillen after experiencing the loss of her son, Scott, to a heroin/fentanyl overdose in 2015 at the age of 27. It began with a simple post just prior to overdose awareness day 2019. 

Anyone wanting their loved one lost to addiction included in a picture presentation should send their information. In a few short months, this project has grown to include over 100 awareness posters, and sadly is not stopping at that number. 

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